Passport Application

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Payment for the Nigerian standard passport MUST be made online at the Nigerian Immigration Service web portal WWW.IMMIGRATION.GOV.NG. 

Obs. Passport issuance processing time is strictly from Mondays to Wednessdays.

Applicants for passports are required to visit the embassy after they have completed the online application on the Nigerian Immigration Services website.

Passport Application Guidelines

Passport Application Services Link


The Embassy requires all passport applicants to submit a written application along with the document stated by the NIS.

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This is to inform prospective applicants are advised to come with these documents listed below in accordance with the prescribed Nigeria Immigration requirements:
Residence permit
1. Work permit
2. Photocopies of all documents
3. Birth certificate (for the fresh applicant)
4. The local government of origin (for the fresh applicant)
5. Age declaration by the competent court in Nigeria (for the fresh applicant)
6. A valid receipt of administrative fees of 500 Swedish krona PER PERSON
7. The original certificate will be sighted
This is to remind the applicant that the Embassy has NOT authorized any individual or company to assist applicants to make payments or process applications. The procedure is simple and accessible; the web portal is not managed by the Embassy. The website is still Therefore, applicants are advised to have their complete documents before coming to the Embassy for processing.
Any applicant that decides to engage the service of any Visa/Passport processing Agent does that at his own risk.
Thank you.