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The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Sweden wishes to inform you that with effect from 1st of August 2021, the following procedures shall apply:

  1. All applicants for Consular and Visa services are advised to call and obtain appointments before appearing in the Embassy, otherwise, they may not be granted access.
  2. Payments for Passport and Visa services are to be made into the dedicated Immigration Account online.
  3. Application for Consular and Visa services will be charged an administrative fee, this will be paid separately into the Embassy’s Account: Handelsbanken HANDSESS (SWIFT CODE) No: IBAN SE73 6000 0000 0007 2097 2582 for payment outside Sweden and

  4. 6124-720972582 for payment within Sweden.

S/N                                         SERVICE                                                                   ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES

Visa Request

  1. Visa multiple entry: Nigerians                                                                                                    1000 SEK
  • Visa multiple entry: Foreign Nationals                                                                                     1500 SEK
  1. Temporary work permit (TWP)                                                                                                    1000 SEK
  2. STR visa endorsement fee                                                                                                             2500 SEK


Passport Services

  1. Lost Passports                                                                                                             2500 SEK
  2. Change of Name due to Marriage                                                                             500 SEK
  • Passport Renewal                                                                                                         500 SEK
  1. Application from other Passport issuing                                                              2000 SEK

Countries (in addition to regular charges)


Other Consular Services

  1. Processing of application for renunciation of citizenship                                3000 SEK
  2. Legalization of document (individual)                                                                    500 SEK
  • Legalization of document (companies/corporate bodies)                                 2500 SEK
  1. Application request for Marriage Law                                                                     500 SEK
  2. Child endorsement                                                                                                      400 SEK



The new Administrative Charges/Fee on services to the general public is effective from 1st August 2021.  A copy of evidence of payment will be required.  All enquiries including appointments should be directed to

Telephone No: +46769548063. (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm)

Note: Cases of lost passports extension of validity, change of data and change of Name due to marriage are subject to approval from Immigration Headquarters Abuja.  The embassy is not in a position to determine approval time.  Applicants may wish to pay for Admin Charges after approval.

COVID-19 SAFETY GUIDE:  observance of Social Distancing is compulsory within the premises of the Embassy.

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