Assembled in Nigeria by Stallion Nissan Motors Nigeria (NMN) plant in Lagos, the new Y62 Patrol as it is fondly called has returned with a futuristic look that stands out for its unique combination of the most recent technologies and new design DNA. The quantum of transformation is one of the best-known and longest established nameplates on the global 4WD (four-wheel drive) scene. Nissan says the new Patrol adapts to the needs of consumers by breaking away from its ‘proper off-roader’ status to become urbane-friendly SUV with far more refined proposition that offers an improved ride quality and fuel economy than its predecessor.

According to Mr. Amit Sharma, Head of sales and marketing Stallion NMN, the new Patrol easily conquers a long uphill task with its exceptionally modified V8 torque, so does its multi-mode grip compensate for rocks and loose sand when driven on rough roads and in deep water. He said the new Nissan Patrol is one of Nissan’s most revolutionary designs ever in the Patrol’s 62-year history and it incorporates the most innovative highest quality, and highest value luxury SUV in Nissan history.

Compared with competitors, the new Patrol offers substantial ground clearance of 283mm which is 58mm greater and the Patrol matches competition’s maximum wading depth of 700mm, but breathes through the left-side guard vent, simplifying the fitment of an aftermarket snorkel. Naturally aspirated, the Y62 Patrol comes equipped with a big V8 engine that delivers 298kw of power and 560Nm of torque – 90 per cent of which is available from just 1,600 rpm that makes 0-100 km/h sprint in just 6.6 seconds. International test drivers say the Patrol engine is undeniably a driver’s delight with an advanced seven-speed automatic transmission and sophisticated and electronically controlled all-mode 4X4 system.

It offers four terrain options: Sand, Snow, Rock and On-road – at the touch of a button. This feature makes it unique in its segment as competition does not offer this feature. At city speeds and crawling around off-road, the broad spread of ratios is perfectly matched to the smooth delivery of torque from the 5.6-litre V8 while on the highway, the Patrol lopes along at 110km/h with the engine seemingly only a tick above idle. And when stoked, it responds with a throaty induction-snarl matched by impressive acceleration, particularly when overtaking.

The Patrol employs advanced HBMC (Hydraulic Body Motion Control) System with 4-wheel independent suspension that works with the chassis and body frame to give the vehicle superb stability on rugged and sandy terrain, while also delivering comfortable ride in the city. This has greatly enhanced the vehicle’s 3500kg towing capacity that could be employed in towing a luxury cruise boat around town. The Patrol is absolutely unique in all attributes and unmatched by competition.

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