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Mission Will No Longer Accept CASH PAYMENT

1.This is to inform the General Public that henceforth, Mission will no longer accept CASH PAYMENT for the processing of Nigerian Passports, Visas, Authentication and Administrative Fees.

2. Therefore from Monday, 25th November, 2013 ALL PAYMENTS must be made into the designated Mission’s account (where applicable) as indicated below:

VISA FEES: 311 725 732
PASSPORT FEES: ONLINE PAYMENT AT (www.immigration.gov.ng)
AUTHENTICATION FEES: (Clearing Code :6124) 553 680 242
ALL ADMINISTRATIVE CHARGES: (Clearing Code :6124) 553 680 242
BANK GIRO 842 7551

3. All applications without the requisite payment slip/print out/ evidence shall not be processed and will be rejected. In the meantime, Mission is making efforts to acquire Pay Point Machine and Bank Card for transparency and efficient service delivery.

4. Applicants are kindly requested to visit the Embassy’s website at www.nigeriaembassy.nu  for detailed information on these services and approved fees structure. Any applicant that breaches this regulation will not be attended. 

Ali-Gombe, H

Head of Chancery

For: Ambassador

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