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10 Year Anniversary of Reverend Father Damian

The church was filled to capacity during the fair and the subsequent party in the Assembly floor.Guests of honor were the Nigerian Ambassador Benedict Onochile Amobi and his wife Sheila Amobi.

Father Damian came to Sweden from Nigeria in 2000. After service in Stockholm and Eskilstuna, he was appointed vicar of the parish in Gävle 2004. In his homily, Father Damian spoke of his love for the congregation.

He told me about his eagerness to reach out with the gospel to Gävle burghers. At the party in the Assembly floor were treated to food from all over the world, people were dressed for a party. Color splendor was especially African women too. Many took the opportunity to thank Father Damian for ten years.Read More

Leif Ottenvang (Dagen News Reporter)

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